Essential Oils Part 2 : Plant Therapy

Continued on from that, I’ve now used for several months in various quantities and dosages these oils.

Peppermint Lemon

Got another source of oil this time, from Plant Therapy via Amazon, which is a lot cheaper but less aromatic. They don’t recommend ingestion/internal use, but supposedly the oils are still food grade from them.

Lemon, winterleaf, and peppermint are pretty good for external wounds on the skin or muscle issues. Eucalyptus is very effective against infection, bacteria or viral. Although “toxicity” is generally what happens when you over dose in x amount of time. As in, many things are toxic because the body does not know how to deal with the large quantities, including Vitamin A… even an over abundance of calcium may have deleterious health effects.

For every substance or method of intake, the body has some ability to absorb, but at what level and rate is hard to pin down.

The DoTerra oils are more expensive but seem to be refined to smaller molecule sizes in the oil, which diffuses better in the air, providing a strong aroma. The actual strength seems to be about the same, although that’s a preliminary assessment.

This joins up with the water research because oils would have a special effect on water, especially as it is oil and organic in nature.

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