Leftist infiltration of the US military proceeds as planned


They got to start somewhere. I hypothesized that the reason for getting women combat experience was in large part to buy loyalty from suddenly promoted officers. Although the enlisted NCO ranks are also good for obtaining influence over the command hierarchy.

I wonder if she knows she is being manipulated by these cultural prohibitions about sexual conduct or programmed controlĀ (PC) thoughts. The Left, by being responsible for a lot of the rapes and the ineffective counters against them in civilian and military life, can have an influencing lever against a certain group in the US military. They proclaim that if programmed controls are set and activated, these things will go away, like the lack of combat for women, when it went away the promotion chances became better. However, little do they know that once programmed controls are activated, the Left will use up the US military like they did with their black slaves in the US cities.

By looking at the strategic context, I can be sympathetic to both sides, but that doesn’t mean I’m picking the side of programmed controls. Tactically, former and current military members must address the policies and personas they see and meet with. They do not have the luxury of seeing in the far scale, unless they choose to work towards that goal.

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