Target Focus Sale

I’m going to clue you folks in on something that isn’t commonly known or spoken of.

This here product does indeed provide you with the tools in which can and will use to save your life. I just got the Target Focus Nuclear Weapons package. I’ve been a subscriber to the newsletter, of course, but I like sales so I took the opportunity. The principles in the package I was already familiar with, the vocabulary not so much, but it was still common sense for those that study war. The advantage it provides you is that Tim Larkin has spent 2 decades on this. Obviously professional military experience is better than simply reserve training, but it is no indication of what kind of a person you are. It just means he has more experience and he is willing to sell that experience to me. I take the deal.

I hold the same philosophy as Tim Larkin, which is that if there is a threat, then you must take that threat out permanently. I remember watching Hercules the Legendary Adventures and I would be stunned by the ridiculousness of such a mighty man throwing his mortal enemies around, and not going for the killing blow. The fact that those enemies kept coming back for Herakles (Hercules), sort of vindicated my instincts. On one level, sure, I knew it was entertainment, but at the same time I simply could not tolerate the basic assumption that enemies are there for you to fight with instead of destroy.

Probably why I also hated all those fake liberal Hollywood movies and shows about how you should “obtain the moral high ground” by waiting to be attacked first, then reacting. You, the hero, are supposedly always faster, stronger, and better than the other guy. Supposedly, of course. Which, when your life is on the line or the life of your loved ones, isn’t so Hollywood fun then, now is it.

So take advantage, if you can. And if you believe as I do, that enemies are only defeated through attacking and destroying them, then this might suit you better than the alternatives.

Many people that support the Iraq front and have supported it since its inception, hold to the same philosophy. It is only right that you folks should acquire a leg up on the criminals and street thugs. Handy thing to know, if you ever plan on going to Europe, for example. You know what’s going on there.

If you disagree with Iraq in one or more ways, then reading more about TFT can give you a better understanding of why other people’s philosophies are different about pre-emptive attacks on a nation that may or may not be a threat. And of course, TFT can be applied and tested far easier than another Iraq. It is also far more useful to an individual, regardless of his politics, than Iraq ever could be.

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3 Comments on “Target Focus Sale”

  1. Rafael Says:

    Got his seminar series DVD set and later attended a live training session because of what I saw. People think they know this stuff or have seen it from others. They don’t. It’s very different. And very freeing. You are right on.

  2. ymarsakar Says:

    People are freed from fear, anxiety, and worry by effective solutions. Ineffective action simply results in defeat on the microscale and revolution on the macroscale.

  3. […] written before about TFT and their products here. I know about the restraints of civilized nations because I felt it myself. But it is your life. […]

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