Ancient Israeli standards vs Hollywood standards

There are numerous instances in the Old Testament, or parts of the Torah as the Jews might say, that mention the events and consequences of sexual predation against a woman that belonged to a tribe of Israel.

In one of the first instance, when the daughter of Jacob was kidnapped by Canaanites and they planned to marry her off to the city’s prince, Jacob, or the Sons of Israel (just two of them) planned to take her back. First they sent servants, which were rebuffed. Then they negotiated a marriage contract. They utilized deception to buy time, and then when the Canaanites were weakened from circumcision, went around somehow killing hundreds of males in the city, as all of the city obeyed the Prince. Nothing was left in the city, except women and children. The livestock were taken. The men killed or fled.

A city fell because of one woman. Like Troy.

Then there was another story later on, concerning the tribe of Benjamine. Two guests of a Benjamite stayed for the night, under the host’s protection. Other Benjamites came and wanted to use the strangers in whatever “seemed good” to the raiders. The host tried to compromise by saying “take my wife or concubine instead” but the Benjamite raiders in the night refused.

So the Israeli husband or male master, gave over his woman to the Benjamites, and in the morning she came back crawling to the doorstep and then died. So he cut her up and sent pieces of her body (as a message) to all of Israel. The Israeli tribes came together, hundreds of thousands of battle hardened warriors and tribalists, and came to the city of the Benjamite raiders, and demanded that the guilty be relinquished and judged for adultery. For which the penalty is always Death.

The Benjamites refused. The tribes of Israel consulted the Divine Counsel and the prophets, and the message was to gather their forces and to annihilate the Benjamites. To which, they did, and nothing much remained of the Benjamites. They had to be given women from the Tribe of Judah, just so the tribe wouldn’t die out.

Did any relative or friend of these Hollywood girls who became whores, did any of them try to wage war against the world for her? Nope, and they know. They know it. (This topic was inspired by reading this blog post about rabbinical concepts)

I utilized my memory off script, so the references aren’t available yet. Assuming I can even remember whether I read this in Leviticus or Deuteronomy (yes, there are actually people who read the Old Testament that are not Jews…)

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