The Early Church Fathers : Apostolic Church

In my online discussions and arguments with Roman Catholics, the Early Church fathers often came up. I was unfamiliar with the term, so did not have a defense ready, thus I went and did some research.

The Roman Catholics believes that their religious authority comes from two apostles, Peter and Paul.

I already knew and demonstrated why that was incorrect but the Early Church Fathers argument was pretty vague on the part of Roman Catholic believers. They used it a lot though, so obviously their religious authority is closely connected to that period.

As for whether the apostles passed down their apostleship and authority, my answer is no. The only time when the apostles replaced a seat was when Judas Iscariot got his. And his replacement required every apostle’s agreement and power. Apostles are special witnesses, gifted with prophetic and seer gifts to start new churches and branches. Thus they can be prophets like John or even delegate positions like Deacon or Pastor or Bishop to others. Peter held all the keys, that means he had the ability to conduct any position in the 1st century AD church or delegate it. But the only thing they couldn’t delegate was the apostleship. Only Jesus the Christ designated apostles, which was seen in Paul, when no other apostles were “consulted” about Paul before Saul became Paul. That wasn’t part of their “authority”, even if Peter had all the keys. Even if they had this ability, the fact that they died so far away from each other precludes any kind of meeting of more than 3.

Since Rome killed Paul and Peter, the idea that their bishops had the authority is hard to believe. If Peter or Paul had passed down any authority, it would only be to the bishops, and a bishop isn’t a “Vicar of Christ” or a “Pope” in the Vatican that gets to stand between the people and the judgment seat of Jehovah.

No wonder Christianity is a mere shadow of itself. Every lineage came from the ecumenical councils or the Roman Catholics or the Eastern Orthodox. There’s only a very very few exceptions to this.

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