The Divine Counsel

The Divine Counsel connects various pagan gods and spiritual philosophies to Judeo Christianity. Instead of saying which tradition is correct, the books of the prophets claim that they serve the god of gods, like the king of kings or the khan of khans. It explains why if there is a father of the gods, why that father is so weak or disinterested in his children that he allows them to go rampant on Earth.

Because the bibles of humanity have been translated and retranslated so many times, things have been added and subtracted. Thus it cannot be the Word of God, only the word of humans, kings, and emperors. However, we humans have our own crime detective method of finding the truth amongst the deceptions of humanity. This is one of the greatest crime mystery novels I have ever seen, penetrating the veil between today’s understanding of the divine and the pre flood and post flood understanding of the divine.

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