Sounds like an exorcist would have been a lot more useful than the paranormal cameras. As for fundamental Bible adherents, read the Book of Enoch and Genesis Six. It’s pretty much the same thing. The giants were known for their great lusts, an eternal hunger for food as well as women. These nephiliim are the demonic spirits the Japanese, Chinese, and Western Fairies often describe. The fallen angels or fallen watchers, are mostly imprisoned in the underground vaults of jagged rock and crustal stalagmites, right around the fountains of the deep (the oceanic trenches) and the underground vast salt water oceans.

These spirits have a hierarchy, which is why Jesus Christ could command demons to get out of people by merely telling them to do so. As for human psychology, much of human psychological problems have to do with evil spirits controlling their mind and body. Once someone becomes tainted and corrupted to a certain degree by contact with evil spirits or evil humans (such as in molestation or rape), they begin manifesting signs of further weakness which invites in the stronger spirits.

As for why evil exists in the world, evil is allowed to exist for a time due to eternal justice and mercy. They allow mortals and spirits to destroy people and commit evil, because it is all recorded and will be adjudicated in the Final Trial. In the same way the FBI sometimes lets criminals have enough rope to hang themselves. These trials and tribulations are also designed with a plan in mind, in order to benefit the saints and those who endure to the end. They are being tested for a promotion and the position of judge and god.

The creator of the verse allows people to sin without destroying them, in the same fashion that the boss of everyone here allows them to do stupid mistakes. Micromanaging people isn’t part of the plan and it isn’t workload efficient either. Micromanage and punish them too severely, and they will just quit or kill themselves. In other words, the aO doesn’t protect his children from their own mistakes, you have to learn on earth what good and evil is and how to manage it. It’s a little bit different than the souls that want a sugar daddy to take care of them for eternity. That’s why those souls want the G to be government.

I went around looking for how other churches did exorcisms and stumbled across this. The comments section actually sound like a group of humans, rather than the demonic chatter one normally sees on youtube and other internet phenomenal. I wonder if my standards have decreased or increased in the years since 2001.

As for the Roman Catholics… be very careful about taking exorcisms from them, since if their priests worship Lucifer, you are going to get more of a problem not less.

I also notice how those who are fake priests and weak in the spirit, run from tainted spirits. One commenter wrote:

I called her and arranged a time to come over, and she explained how doors and cupboards had been opening and closing by themselves, hearing a bell ringing or children’s laughter, etc. usual stuff. She said she called a vicar first because they were lapsed Anglicans and he came over but in the middle of his exorcism he stopped and ran out of the house without saying a word and wouldn’t return her calls. I had her call all the family in, asked them if anyone was playing with Ouija boards or doing anything that might invite a demonic presence and they said no. I dedicated the house and included a positive, upbeat blessing on the family and made a point of staying after chatting with the family to draw a distinction between our behavior and the vicar’s. But I went home about a week after that so I don’t know the rest of the story!

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