Military Testimonials

This time, it isn’t about divine entities, although perhaps indirectly.

Lots of military personnel and jargon, feels familiar.

The theological tie in would be to the Book of Enoch, the advanced technology present pre Flood, and the unholy abuse by the Watchers in accelerating human technology against the Plan of Salvation created in the counsel of heaven before the Earth’s creation.


UFOs would then be most likely spirits that are dimensionally shifting to create a radar return, and they often have similar divine worship area of effects similar to the gods that ruled over humans after the Tower of Babel was confounded. Why they are interested in cities and nuclear stockpiles is an interesting question on its own, but the Vatican’s Lucifer telescope is said to be able to pick up invisible near earth entities using their technology, digital and convex lenses. Perhaps they are worried that the Biblical prophecy that the Earth will end in fire this time not water, and they remember what it was like back when the water came from the fountains of the deep. Nuclear weapons are one way the Earth can end in fire, and they don’t want that happening until they are ready to move.

I often had the feeling that there was something on the dark side of the moon. Not evidence, just a feeling. I also had a feeling that something was in the deep ocean trenches, and that came out to be true too. The knowledge that humans have rejected, I accept or at least will absorb to judge for myself.

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