Noah’s Flood and Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark Documentary

Due to the Book of Enoch and other parts of my research, I was able to trace the Flood to Sumerian/Babylon legends.

“Utnapishtim, or Utanapishtim, is a character in the Epic of Gilgamesh who is tasked by Enki (Ea) to abandon his worldly possessions and create a giant ship to be called The Preserver of Life. He was also tasked with bringing his wife, family, and relatives along with the craftsmen of his village, baby animals and grains.[1] The oncoming flood would wipe out all animals and humans that were not on the ship, a concept that was mirrored by the biblical story of Noah’s Ark. After twelve days on the water, Utnapishtim opened the hatch of his ship to look around and saw the slopes of Mount Nisir, where he rested his ship for seven days. On the seventh day, he sent a dove out to see if the water had receded, and the dove could find nothing but water, so it returned. Then he sent out a swallow, and just as before, it returned, having found nothing. Finally, Utnapishtim sent out a raven, and the raven saw that the waters had receded, so it circled around, but did not return. Utnapishtim then set all the animals free, and made a sacrifice to the gods. The gods came, and because he had preserved the seed of man while remaining loyal and trusting of his gods, Utnapishtim and his wife were given immortality, as well as a place among the heavenly gods.”

They apparently found aluminum and titanium on metal fixtures on the Ark.

This interesting tidbit of data is not often talked about in many circles. Why? Probably because it refutes the Theory of Evolution. From the data that supports evolution, mankind evolves from small size to large size, our technology grows as well due to archaeological and dating evidence. So if the ancients pre Flood had technology better than humans did in 1750, where is the evidence and dating? And who gave this technology to mankind?

My theory connecting the various legends to the foundation behind the Book of Enoch and the Biblical Flood explained by the Hydro Plate theory, is seeing a good backup by the divine.

The hydro plate theory is explained here.

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