Why Jews don’t believe Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah foretold by Moses

A few points I would bring up.

1. Where is the Ark of the Covenant?
2. Why is the Talmud written by humans in the oral law superior than the Law of Moses?
3. If a person healed another human on the Sabbath day, have they violated the Law of Moses or have they violated the Talmud or Oral Law?
4. It takes 2 witnesses in Jewish law to condemn a person to death, which witnesses testified to the Roman authorities that Jesus of Nazareth was the King of the Jews? Pilate did not want to execute Jesus for he stated that Jesus had broken no laws (Roman).

5. How many witnesses was there of Jesus of Nazareth’s resurrection and miracles?

6. Why did the Jewish religious judges decide to kill Jesus, Paul, and other Christians, if they were merely violating Jewish religious law?

7. Paul could easily imprison and kill Christians, so why did the Jewish council need the Romans to do it?

Just some theological points off the top when I was watching the vid.

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