To know yourself, endure, in enduring grow stronger

A kind of semi public personal reply to this post.

If a person wants to pretend to be civilized and disciplined to me, they should keep that mask and illusion up for as long as they can. It’s rather pointless to drop your mask to me one day, and then act like you’re a civilized human that can keep control of yourself, as if my memory is so frail I don’t notice the fact that it’s a two face act.

I, out of all people, with these Eyes of mine, do notice and remember, at least.

Everything you write after the fact, T [there seems to be a lot of Toms out there that may or may not be the same person], is just more pointless self rationalization. It makes you feel better, but that is pretty much it.

The truth is spoken when people are drunk, wine and veritas, was an old Roman or Greek line. To me though, any kind of strong emotion tells me the truth that people hide behind their masks.

Even if people online refuse to write about it, I can tell, if they remain in contact long enough. Communication bandwidth using letters is pretty small, but enough of it will form a connection to get enough data through for a complete analysis.

By reason alone or obedience to human laws, man is not justified in the eyes of God. Which is another way of saying, reason is just self rationalization and self deception, and obedience to human laws is just power megalomania and human corruption. If it was otherwise, people wouldn’t need masks or anything to hide their two faces and more.

As Grim so wisely put it once, online there is no justification or use to escalating one’s emotions, since there’s no way to justify acting on them due to the distances involved. If you act on them, it’s to cut people’s powerlines using rationality and planning later, it’s not because your emotions gave you cause in the moment. All a person does online in getting angry or upset with me is to turn their own hate and negative feelings back unto themselves. As mirrors and force reflection goes, it’s better than human laws. Less effective than divine laws. Humans transmit emotions like a disease, due to body language forming 70% of the total communication bandwidth, voice tones being the other 20%, and the words are just about 10%. That means when other people get afraid or angry, that transfers over. But online, the only anger or emotion you receive is what you yourself produce, from imagination, when reading. There’s no voice tone. There’s no body language. It’s all in the mind, meaning your own emotions feeding on itself. Just 30% of the voice tones and words themselves, can lead to misunderstandings due to international “accents” that sound like “tones” and words which aren’t the words people think they heard. Yet far more data bandwidth is there for humans to comprehend.

A person that lacks control of their emotions, also lacks accurate judgment. It’s part of why people blame alcoholicism for a lot of things. This group therapy thing of yours isn’t much better, and probably far worse, than AA. The need for the approval of other humans, of the world and its authorities, corrupt and ephemeral, is indeed a human weakness. I tolerate it by pretending not to notice at times. I pretend not to notice a lot of things, since online it’s as easy as not writing or reading.

Of course, if T is going to accuse me of wasting his time again, let it not be said that I made him use his time here. That was not my decision. Part of the reason why people do not understand me is that they don’t even understand themselves. Even Grim once wrote that I shouldn’t stop people from commenting on one of his favorite blog threads, as if I ever wanted or had that power here to begin with.

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