American Primary election 2016

News about Breitbart power struggle.

Some of us won’t forgive Trump’s Democrat voters, the same ones that voted Hussein in for 2008 and now want to use the same strong arm tactics on the rest of us in the US, or what’s left of it. This doesn’t affect foreigners or ex patriates over sea much, but it will affect the domestic civil war.

The order of cleaning house was set in 2007 or 2008.

1. Purge the GOP.
2. Purge the Leftist traitors.
3. Break the back of the Leftist alliance in the US to secure the logistics.
4. Take on Islamic jihad with an unbreakable support chain.

The problem happens when Leftist traitors jump ship from the Hussein bandwagon, the whites on welfare being broken to Slavery 3.0 as easily as the black middle class was broken by the Democrat slave lords, to the Trump band wagon.

Their culture isn’t going to change over night.

Another suspicion is that Trump is running for the nomination due to Clinton favors. That’ll depend on whether they bring up that underage sex offender and billionaire, that the Clintons and Trumps have socialized with. That would burn Trump’s bridges with the Clintons quite well. Until then, American patriots will often wonder if Trump is going to throw the match, as was intended by the Clintons.

In reply to some news from the Alt Right sources.

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