Three Pillars supporting Trump’s advent

Since I was reading how other people tried to explain the Trump advent, I thought I would give it a try as well.

Southern Jacksonians are still Democrats due to indoctrination. The generations have not all died out. What people call the Dixiecrats, the people who moved over to Reagan’s side of things, might be different.

Trump is pulling on 3 pillars of support.

The Alternative Right, Red Pill, sub cultures, etc.

The former, current, and new Democrats, because Democrats have a common culture, irregardless of what Yankee vs South is about. The South was for FDR as well.

Angry life long conservatives and Republicans, who feel betrayed at the company level policies made way above their heads, but have not found independence of economy or power for themselves to avoid political desires/solutions/help.

The tribalism of Trump’s class makes him natural allies with Chris Christie and Reid over in Nevada’s casinos. But it doesn’t particularly mean tribalism is a big thing in American culture. Democrat and Leftist culture has destroyed much of mainstream American culture to the point where the only tribes that now has enough influence are the two contesting tribes: Patriots vs Leftists.

The neutrals, the fence sitters, are going to get hit by both sides, and probably already have. The smaller sub cultures, like biker clubs, are getting wiped out, along with the ranchers. They have more immediate personal problems, one in which politics isn’t going to help them with. The middle neutral fence sitters, will be forced to pick one side over the other however, sooner or later.

Right now, people are confused because they only recently woke up to the threat of the Leftist alliance. In order to harness power to fight the Left, humans naturally cannibalize organizations like the GOP. Just as people picked apart the stone foundations of Roman civilization, to build their own.

Evangelicals are splintered as well, between heretical Christians that believe in liberation theology and equality, with the Catholic Pope, and the other Christians who believe in the message of Christ, not temporal power.

The reason why civil war is inevitable is because it’s not about 1 faction vs another. It’s about everyone vs everyone. When the Left demolitioned America’s foundations… what did people expect, that they could hold up an Empire of 300 million humans with nothing but elections?

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One Comment on “Three Pillars supporting Trump’s advent”

  1. G6loq Says:

    Fernandez’s on the case: fear the great fear

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