Trump and the Alternative Right


Red Pill cultural article about their generation connecting with Tolkien and his generation.

Much though modern conditions have changed feminine circumstances, and the detail of what is considered propriety, they have not changed natural instinct. A man has a life-work, a career, (and male friends), all of which could (and do where he has any guts) survive the shipwreck of ‘love’. A young woman, even one ‘economically independent’, as they say now(it usually really means economic subservience to male commercial employers instead of to a father or a family), begins to think of the ‘bottom drawer’ and dream of a home, almost at once.

I found that line interesting, because I also have come to the same conclusions, independently. But on to the main point.

Trump is no John Adams, because Trump is a follower, not a leader or originator of the Resistance in America.

Generation wise, Trump is too old. The reverse engineering of America has been made by Leftists for decades now. And the resistance has only cropped up recently, due to the internet.

Trump is merely riding the wave of popularity, as he has always done. If he was engaged in social engineering, it would have been on the side of the Leftist alliance, not on the side of the Red Pill or the Alt Right.

As for people wanting information on the Alternative Right, they should check the blogs and the culture. Learning the culture, will allow them to understand the politics, which will also allow them to understand why the Alt Right supports Trump as President.

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[Most of this was in reply to or inspired by internet comments concerning recent political shenanigans in the United States of America]

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