Art vs Beauty vs Fashion



Google or twitch ads showed me this ad, in which I noticed this dress.

It reminded me of the one Winters (first picture above with the black/gold) wore on Babylon 5, second season, except Winters had a full body length skirt, gloves, and overall more complete black and gold accents. The black was situated on the sides of the waist, just like that dress in the ad, and it was more V shaped, accentuating the woman’s waist.

That’s when I was reminded that some women are said to prefer military uniforms on men. For me, nurse and maid uniforms merely look utilitarian. The style above is what I find good looking on a woman, however, even though there’s little of the post modern aesthetic. The post modern aesthetic I would define as what Hollywood or teen magazines try to push. Homosexual male fashionistas who create fashion designs that make women look ugly, as a way to cut down on the competition for nude males. That’s one theory at least.

This subject was inspired by Book’s post about Leftist women’s magazines. That’s the link.

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