Europe is “Stabilizing” the situation

In the sense that Yuri Bezmenov meant it, of course, when the Leftists, now longer of use, is eliminated. Except this time, the Soviets are gone mostly, and it is Islam triggering the weapon that I call the Leftist alliance, a viral WMD similar to how HIV functions in a human host.

Yuri Bezmenov giving a lecture on Leftist operations.

Impressive, and also ironic. The audience reaction, happy go lucky, conformist individuals that were a product of the oligopolies of WWI and WWII, Leftist inventions in all but name.

Things are different when the threat is much closer and eminent. The very atmosphere is different. Even for those Americans that wanted to fight communism, they did not understand that the US system after 1950, was already half Communist Totalitarian to begin with. The levers of power had been shifted and sabotaged.

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5 Comments on “Europe is “Stabilizing” the situation”

  1. G6loq Says:

    Short version: They want my stuff, by force if necessary. Take my freedom, my autonomy, my stuff – and then what? Shoot me as a bourgeois, hang me as a kulak – and then what happens?

    The topic is well covered by Daniel Hannan:

    Nobody listens, nobody listened:

  2. G6loq Says:

    Islam is entirely organized around taking the infidel’s stuff ….

  3. G6loq Says:

    at a stadium in Anvers, Belgium – 1994.

    In the audience is: long range planning ….
    Necmettin Erbakan, head of the Milli Gorus movement and Prime Minister of Turkey.

    Tayyip Erdogan, head of the AKP party, former mayor of Istanbul and current Prime Minister of Turkey.

    Sevki Yilmaz, member of parliament from the banned Refah Party from the province of Rize in Turkey.

    Abdullah Gul, current president of Turkey

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