Differences in Culture: Martial Art school documentary in China

They used to say of General anything in America, that what was good for the country was good for the corporation. What was good for General Motors was good for America. China these days have a more cozy relationship with “private” corporations than perhaps even the fascists had. An oligopoly, similar to what the US had after WWII. Not quite a monopoly, just a set of power elites at the top determining everything using conformity, coercion, laws, and power.

It is a very different philosophy for students and for martial training, than what people can find in the West. Japan is also different, their focus on youth is more Western than the Western countries.

Inevitably, this kind of social conditioning will produce generations that use violence and are conditioned to have violence used on them, to conform, to be coerced. For what ends? If the Authority is good, then everyone following that Authority becomes mostly good. But if the Authority becomes evil or insane… well, the entire country will convert to exactly that.

That is the function of Obeying Authority, no matter the cost.

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