Charle H massacre in France proceeds to next stage of Islamic Invasion of Europe

Some interesting comments I made almost a year ago. Let’s see how they fit the modern context, if any.

Leftist orthodoxy now accepts the innocence of Islamism as an article of faith,…They are too completely invested in multiculturalism, social deconstruction and redistribution to doubt the faith now…

And therefore they will cling to their dogma, however improbable it might be, long past the point when any reasonable Leftist would have doubted it. This is the most dangerous aspect of the crisis facing the West. Not only are we in danger of tearing our politics apart, we must. It has now become a case of destroying our civilization in order to save it…The cultural elites of the West are going to hang themselves in the morning according to a schedule that they themselves have devised.

Do you think our elites won’t punch the door buttons to let the killers in to shoot us? They already have. They already have.

It’s that last sentence that sends the chill up my spine. It’s pretty much what I’ve been thinking for over a decade. Our own failure to tell the truth about what’s happening and the nature of the enemy, and to face the seriousness of the task ahead of us, has been made clear since shortly after 9/11. In fact, it was probably clear long before that, but after 9/11 it became undeniable.-Neo Neo

Of course. Americans are called paranoid due to the gun culture and the various usage of ammo in actual shooting galleries and training setups, but strength does not come from being lazy on the couch all the time. That’s something Europe, the birth place of the Enlightenment including the dark products like communism, seems to have forgotten under the Pax Americana. Unfortunately for them, Pax Americana is dead. And they helped kill it.

They’ll get what’s coming to them.-Y

Sometimes paranoia is good for survival.

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