The Iraq Quagmire and the Propaganda that caused it

One of the things people wonder about, after having engaged in Gamersgate and other counter offensives against the Left, is what the Iraq conflict in 2003 was about. Most of what they know was during an era where their information sources were gate keepered by the MSewerM propaganda corps. Which applied both to domestic United States reception as well as international deception, scope wise.

So one of the reasons the “neocons”, composed of former Democrats or Leftists as well as conservative patriots, decided that fighting terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan was a good idea is because of what’s in that article.

The ME is producing a culture that trains and conditions child soldiers, with Saddam Hussein providing a good bit of that funding back when Iraq’s Hussein still had his neck unstretched.

It was a counter offensive, which failed because the traitors succeeded in installing their guy on the Presidential Throne. People now a days try to connect the Bush II events together with the Hussein Obola events, and it’s rather difficult for them. They are allowed to mention Iraq under Bush II, but Obama vs Bush II or Hussein Obola’s Iraq, isn’t mentioned. Most of this is designed to promote Libertarian isolationism or as a cheap support trick for the attack against Hussein’s Syrian black ops.

I just find it ironic that the anti Leftists are using a counter offensive, Iraq 2003 and 2006 under Petraeus, to attack the Leftists when it was the Leftists that succeeded in controlling public perception about Iraq 2003 and 2006. But that’s the result of being conditioned and mind controlled for so many years. Getting out of it after 2008, doesn’t mean the programs were erased.

To be more precise and accurate, there were certain reasons why people in the US were allied with Saddam Hussein even though he wasn’t cooperating.

They had to sabotage the Iraq war under Bush II and later Afghanistan, because the COIN method developed and tested under Petraeus would have been too dangerous if it had been applied to US cities where the Leftist alliance holds many assets in.

Later on, Hussein Obola came to power in 2008, which is like Benedict Arnold replacing Washington as President.

Now the people who bought the Iraq quagmire lie in 2005, are now using Hussein Obola’s successful sabotage of Afghanistan and Iraq that was intended to back the US treason party’s own power base, in order to attempt to attack the US treason party’s black ops in Syria.

It’s more complicated than some Leftist conspiracy.

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