A new generation bred in the deserts without decadence

Generally much has been exposed over the Left’s brainwashing of youths in universities and federally funded schools. People realize now that if they don’t pass on the inheritance, the traditions of freedom, it will never be seen again any time soon. The funny thing, the gaming community is seen as liberal or at least decadent. To find that they are the most fanatic and harshest resistors against the Left… is puzzling and unexpected given standard models of prediction.

After all, where could these people have connected together, even with home schooling? How did they escape the mind control of the Left, which is all around the newer generations and peer groups?

A female FPS player or Eve Online player is probably at the upper 5-1% in terms of population samples, since the pure difficulty of the environment fails people out. What else had a 3% percentage of the population?

If you have any interrogation or body language/voice tone reading skills, you can see the kind of damage the Leftist alliance can do even indirectly.

Which is why the toughness needed to continue the fight, to continue reporting on the Left’s atrocities against humanity, PProfit undercover stings and O’Keefe style journalism, is not easy to acquire. So where did they acquire it? American universities? Sitcoms? Hollywood? Did Hollywood’s MPAA and rap culture teach them to have that toughness? Do Parents go around teaching their kids how to fight against enemies of humanity, to never obey authority? How much of that would stick after the peer groups and Leftist entertainment takes over, I wonder.

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