Hypothesis of Evolution

Evolution is a pretty weak theory. I think people ascribe to it too much scientific credential, on par with the Theory of Relativity, say.

To put it into perspective, the speed of light has been measured physically and reproduced in the Theory of Relativity and its derived formulas such as E=m c^2

Yet, biologists and chemists cannot recreate life, that is why they pay Planned Profit so much for stem cells (that’s why Bush II was against the legalized research of such things, since he did the research on where it had to be procured).

It would be like Einstein telling us his theory works and describes models of the universe, but could not prove what the speed of light is nor conduct an experiment that could reproduce light at all, in any phase, wave or particle.

The Primordial Soup is a complete mystery to people. All they “know” is that it had life in it, it had water, but that is about it.

So there are two fundamental break points in any kind of evolutionary theory or explanation based model.

1. They cannot recreate the conditions to start life.

2. They cannot use mutations to create new species, only breed different variations of current species or non viable versions of the same species which cannot reproduce into a new branch.

Until the “mythical god in the sky” people worship called Science, breaks through either 1 or 2, the “Theory of Evolution” isn’t even a theory. It’s a hypothesis with no proof. Like the Hypothesis of Peak Oil, that oil runs out in 2015 or the Mayan Apocalypse calendar.

Carson doesn’t need X to disprove the theory of evolution a to z. Theory of Evolution A to Z already disproves itself.

Check out his speech if you wish, he has some highly intelligent ideas to share, although he dumbs a lot of it down due to his audience, due to the need to actually communicate those ideas. It is pretty long though but it is the vid that sparked this issue at Neo Neocon.

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2 Comments on “Hypothesis of Evolution”

  1. Mike Says:

    How do you explain the fossil record?

  2. ymarsakar Says:

    Evolution’s explanation of the fossil records has gaps, what people consider missing links. That means the explanation is not consistent.

    The human missing link is probably the most well known “missing link” issue for fossil explanations under evolution.

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