The Wages of the Left

It is what happens when the Left takes over and disarms people, making them into very easily harvested human livestock. And they thought guns were going to be the primary problem.

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7 Comments on “The Wages of the Left”

  1. G6loq Says:

    Obvious. Thing is, the relative slavery is all a function of how high you are taxed.
    Low taxes —> Citizen.
    High taxes —> slaves.
    Taxes include fees, excises etc…. At this stage we are being farmed.

    All of it riding on the good will of a supposed social contract, ie:
    Government is just a word for things we choose to do together.
    Barney Frank
    Government is fat.

    It can get weird:

    Western democracies are now more oppressive than the Aristoc.rats ever were …..

    Maybe three percents will rise up. Maybe not …. We can’t retreat to the mountains any longer. The drones would find us.

  2. ymarsakar Says:

    A farmer would figure it out, wouldn’t they. I’ve also seen the infamous “judas goat” at work. It’s hilarious. I don’t think the authors got it all right, but if they mirrored my conclusions too closely that would be merely copying or conformity. Difference individuals with different experiences, would naturally not 100% match in conclusions. Their methodology should have been different.

    Maybe not …. We can’t retreat to the mountains any longer. The drones would find us.

    Perhaps, then again, not being on the grid would save a lot of people’s daughters from the rape gangs. The Left wouldn’t have the System ready to stop you from rescuing the children in the mountains, for example.

  3. ymarsakar Says:

    That’s not the drones finding you, it’s the tax collectors. Slightly different.

  4. G6loq Says:

    Heat seeking drones, tax collecting drones … same effect.

  5. G6loq Says:

    They’ll find you:
    French Train Attack Hero Spencer Stone Stabbed

  6. ymarsakar Says:

    Once is coincidence, twice is bad luck, three times is enemy action.

    I did tell people at Neo, that being praised by Hussein Obola is something they should watch out for. Remember what happened to Seal Team Six.

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