Muv Luv Kickstarter is here

Speaking of Kickstarter, which I’ve heard mentioned more on mainstream and sub mainstream cultural blogs and comment sites, here’s a new project which I had heard about several months ago.

It’s starting.

My previous review. It’s been some years since then. I have reread through most of the text more than six times now, I believe. Why?

Cause of nostalgia. It’s why people play Pillars of Eternity, because of nostalgia for DnD 2.0 or old iso rpgs.

This is also tied into Yuri Bezmenov’s story linked previously. He noted that after his Soviet Communist indoctrination, it was living in India and seeing a different culture that started his rebellious stage which finally led to his defection to the US. I saw his video years ago, but it was the short version, the last 1/5th, the ending that has the so impactful words of prediction/prophecy Yuri had for us. Very impactful for someone just finding out after 2007, who the real traitors and enemies of America were. So for me, I didn’t begin to see the real issues with America until I could look in from outside the culture. I knew there was a problem, but I didn’t find out to what extent exactly it was at, until I could think about English controls using a non English mode of thought. I had another language I could use for that, but the cultural template, the vocabulary, and the environmental settings for it was severely restricted. Not enough to cover political or national issues (wrong vocabulary set). So Japanese turned out to fit quite well, since their culture is foreign but their setting is very close to 1950s America, though their social/economic modes are still 21st century, meaning our problems not grand parent level problems. It is not just smartphones… but it is smartphones and how communication can change social networks, that’s a critical difference between the 21st century and the middle of the 20th century. Just as electricity and the telephone changed 20th century culture from the age before electricity and the telephone.

It was immersion in a different language and culture, which allowed me to reprocess my experiences in America. To find Leftist mental conditioning and pull it out, including the roots which attached to almost everything else. That’s because like Polymaths and Renaissance thinkers in the past, being able to use the full extent of the mind requires parallel thinking, which coincidentally consists of learning to think in foreign languages or different perspectives. It’s probably why Socrates taught people via asking them questions, to make people think instead of merely obeying authority or regurgitating rote answers on a test.

50 dollars for some flash lights (you can probably guess which kind is popular now a days) and 35 on the pc software. About 200 for the silicon spring steel (9260) sharp edged blade thing people call by another name. 80 for the 1060. 45 for the 1045 trainer. Will need some seeds and a filter though.

Anyways, leveraging a hobby as a survival tool is pretty funny, when looked at it in that light. To most people, their pleasures are the decadence or rather what leads to decadence. My hobbies can result in limbs and fingers being mysteriously off the connecting line and needing surgical re-attachment. Fine discipline and self control is needed to avoid the emergency room, as well as lawyers. Lawyers are probably more dangerous than blades, in my view and pov.

What does this have to do with Muv Luv? Because it was the first information package that had anti American tones about the CIA that I couldn’t reject as coming from the Left, so I had to take it semi seriously, which started an interesting project that lead to finding out about the Party of Treason, the Demoncrats, with emphasis on Demon. The Assassination of Diem, in other words. It confirmed my suspicion that once the Demoncrats had power in the US, that our allies would no longer be our allies. They should watch their back, in fact, if the US is promising to back them.

Strangely enough, that’s how the US behaves in Muv Luv as well, fictional but also accurate to an extent. It’s accurate if one presumes that the Democrats controlled the US. It was one way for me to explain it, since nationalism and patriotism demands that I protest anti American remarks and reject criticism of the country I am loyal to. Criticism coming from a nationalist or patriot of another country, however, is difficult to reject. (The fictional scenario is that the US betrayed Japan by pulling out of the Security Forces agreement and then later came back to make more puppet governments) That’s because we share the same emotion and a similar pov about what is best for one’s country. I don’t share that with Leftists, who some people even reject as fellow countrymen, in the US. I didn’t share it with people that supported “peace” merely to sabotage the war in Iraq, and conveniently forgot all about the Middle East being occupied by American troops after 2007, with the New Regime’s rise.

It’s an old product, but strangely enough, I felt it was very up to date commentary on current events, circa 2011. ML is many things to many people, perhaps that is why it is very popular in a certain sub group of a sub culture. There’s also a katana being wielded in ML’s story, btw. Just think of it as a fictional thriller about SEAL teams and it fits right in, genre wise. It also has elements of apocalypse, survival sub culture, military science fiction, and invasion type scenarios. That would be my short “executive summary” for what ML is. Longer version goes something like this. ML Extra (1) is a love comedy about harmony between genders and different relationships (being attracted to adorableness), which progresses to ML Unlimited (2) which is a military recruit camp training scenario, like boot camp all the time, every time. After that is over, then you get to Muv Luv Alternative (3) which is like trying to fight through the valley of death when you have run out of ammo and the HQ extraction team decides to go save some Traitor Bergdahl instead of helping your team out. And it is like that at several points, for almost every single battle, but your team keeps combat effectiveness and holds through.

So reading it in order is somewhat important.

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