Ishtar=Libertas=Statue of Liberty?

Through some survivor or preparedness sources, I’ve come across an interesting theory or claim. It is merely that Mystery Babylon=United States of America

In search of research to corroborate the issue, we have to go into the far far past.

Ishtar was also known as the goddess of war because she fights for freedom and liberty. She was also known as the goddess of victory because there is no freedom without victory. She was also known as the goddess of love because of her sexuality and her promotion of all types of sexual perversion in the name of freedom.

The ties to the ancients were well known, I thought, by me, yet these roots is much deeper than merely the Roman or Greek traditions in the West.

If the Bible can be taken as a book of (literal) prophecies, then this becomes sort of like a science fiction time loop scenario, doesn’t it. Were they talking about Babylon back or the US right now? Babylon wasn’t Babylon to the Babylonians, they were the Sumerians, so where did the name Babylon even come from?

It’s an interesting scenario exercise for people who can run parallel simulations at the same time, for different hypothesis and theories. Who knows where this train will take us.

Personally I go with the 3 mode pov for believing in things. If there is enough evidence to support it, then belief may be justified. If there is evidence against it, then disbelief may be justified. If there is no evidence for or against, then neutrality is justified. But I changed that formula around a bit. I prefer to have one part of the psyche do the “believe as if it was true”, one part does the “believe it as false”, and one part as neutral observer, then watch as the experiment plays out. If this is true, then X must also be true, one part thinks. This is false, so this other explanation must be true, the other part thinks.

And I just let my mind run through the various courses. A couple of sleep cycles added here and there, and a lot of crunching would be done.

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2 Comments on “Ishtar=Libertas=Statue of Liberty?”

  1. ymarsakar Says:

    I’m sure Putin’s KGB spies in the US are telling him what Hussein has been doing. Given Russia’s background, they understand when an enemy is more focused on crushing domestic dissent than invading others. Unfortunately, the Left seems to be like Islam, they like killing domestic heretics as well as raiding for slaves overseas.

    It has made America’s position on justice and righteousness, one that is no longer respected, but merely feared.

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