The Islamic Jihad invasion of Europe

When the world declares Jews, Republicans, and whites to be non humans that need to be exterminated to get rid of a threat to humanity, most people will Obey.

Most will. They have nothing in their spine that can resist the Power of the World and its numbers. Nothing.

I told people and they could have benefited if they had actually believed me.

Members of the Left will obey their orders when the Islamic death squads command them to give over the addresses and targeting information for the families of American families that resist Islam and the Left.

They will direct the death and rape squads right to your doors, right to the schools of your children.

How is it not so? What more evidence do the blind need to get before they can see?

Training a Stazi or SS force is difficult and requires time. Which is why when a group of people can easily be trained to obey orders to go in and terminate any life at the target, deers, pets, humans, this makes for an efficient training and indoctrination system for the kill squads.

Those of us who are familiar with such training systems comprehend it intuitively. Start them out with the small stuff. Slowly desensitize them to it so that they can deal with the guilt. Then ensure that loyalty controls are there to make sure they shoot the enemy and not the blues. The same training methods that go into psychological conditioning of soldiers from citizens, or gang bangers from civilians, can be used for death squads and insurgencies. It’s just a variant of the vigilante and warrior training programs.

Back then I was focusing on domestic American Democrat death squads like the infamous Democrat KKK.

But I was well aware of Islamic Jihad’s ticking clock in Europe. Looks like somebody over there lost their patience.

Assuming this wasn’t all started as a result of Benghazi, Libya, and Syria being engineered to collapse as a result of Hussein. Then that would mean it all started back in the US.

Back then I also wrote, “Snowden’s data tap and output was useful in that vein, to let those of us who were wiser, figure out what the limits were.”


“It is easy to suspect that whatever damage Snowden did, is small compared to the internal spies in the US gov.”

What’s easy for me seems overly difficult for others, as they gape in awe or shocked zombie stiffness, watching HRC’s spy espionage ring being exposed. Being exposed by whom? Another question the slack jawed “elite experts” with their supposed right to rule and authority over the rest of us, are too good to think of.

One of the earlier forms of what I claimed would happen is here.

Human society is full of plagues and communicable diseases. When one becomes aware of these things, it becomes increasingly difficult to love humanity while also being in the middle of conflicting factions and emotions. Because to a human, the enemy is not human and the enemy is always that “other faction”, driven by the emotion of fear, greed, or hate.

By stepping away from humanity and breaking the bonds of authoritarian social morality/rules, it is easier to see humanity as a whole in objective terms. Whether people would still like their humanity or not afterwards… it’s difficult to predict.

It is the responsibility of the Leftist alliance to convince people that action is required, to convince them that evil exists and that brainwashed zombies are easily made. It is not my responsibility or place to convince people or change the world.


Remember the Hearst heir the Left brainwashed via torture into joining the bank robbery?

Evil grows via corruption. It doesn’t create or give birth to new life, so it has to corrupt what currently exists in order to grow. By that art, they win when their enemies kneel down and declare the righteousness of the Left’s cause.

Western civilization used to worship life in all its venues, joys, and despair.


But no more. Life and death dramas are in short supply by the popular media and what there is, is derivative or merely stolen from older works.

Cherishing the human desire and indomitable will to live above all else, is no longer a subject Westerners feel worthy of or fit for. It’s much more popular to talk about the human blight on Gaia and the human blight on the economy.

I have to go all the way to the Japanese speaking sources for an idea of what the West looked like in the old days.

Of course my reasoning is rather opaque since there’s little reason to expose it. At times I feel there is a need to explain myself, since Neo wrote a post all about something I wrote, after all. For people like me who feel no need to convince people, there is little motivation to explain my own reasoning, other than mere politeness.

You had better obey the police or else. That was basically the sum total ethical rationale people used to justify civic law and order.

That’s kind of pathetic, really. And it’s inefficient to the point of failure.

Do citizens obey the police and hope the orders from the police are the police’s own thoughts and judgment? What happens when the police are themselves afraid of their Authority and are only giving orders to the citizens because the police are afraid of the citizens and the authority of government organizations? It’ll be one big fear chain going straight up. That is orderly all right, but not quite the lawful obedience people normally consider righteous.

So when the police are merely automatons obeying orders to allow looters and rioters “space to destroy”, and the citizens are told by their fellows to “obey the police or else”, what exactly becomes the reason or rationale for order in society? If it is might makes right, then that has its own justice but it isn’t what has been imposed here or in American cities.

When a person takes an oath to defend something, like his own civilization, his own Human Race, or his culture/family, that person needs integrity, moral courage, strength of will if nothing else, and also the ability to sustain his words with action. That person cannot be afraid of “authority” to the point of bending knee and Obeying Authority’s orders. That person cannot be so afraid of saving his own hide that he obeys the orders of his superiors to watch on as crime and evil runs rampant in the streets.

A defender of humanity is not allowed to point his guns at the citizens, the body of the entity they defend. An immune system that begins dismantling the body and allowing alien invaders to destroy the organs of society, is a virus like HIV. It has no relation to healthy systems of congress.

Human hierarchies have been crafted since ancient times to deal with the problems that erupt due to having a hierarchy in the first place. The solution sets have been lost or purposefully destroyed, however.

There will always be people in need of a shepherd and the power of a leader is primarily the result of people in need of salvation: begging, borrowing, or sacrificing some valuable resource and giving it to the “Fuhrer”, the Supreme Leader. Evil would like to fill that vacuum of power since it is easier than coercing each and every individual to toe the line. It is far better to use an organization or a hierarchy o do so, via allowing the sheep to enforce their own prison and plantation system. The justification is often that we must band together or else this “foreign enemy” will gut us. Often times evil leaders are the ones responsible for the creation of that “foreign enemy”. When foreigners don’t exist, then “domestic enemies” are created out of thin air, out of the opponents of evil or the Fuhrer.

It may appear that people who obey evil orders are letting things slide in order to make compromises to maintain public order and peace. It may appear so to ignorant eyes and the eyes of the inexperienced. It may appear that police ignoring rioters and protecting their own paychecks, will continue the public order, by safeguarding the police forces. That is what it appears like. In reality, anyone who obeys the orders of evil merely puts another stake in their society, their hierarchy. Evil hierarchies, because they do not truly protect or maintain the public body of their citizens or human resources, will eventually run out of those resources. Sooner or later, even the power of an evil hierarchy dries up, and they are left with burning children and babies to make up for the difference in their power. Not even retarded sheep will be able to trust the shepherd when the shepherd is goring, splitting, and executing baby sheep in front of the herd, and then eating the sheeples. Animals and humans are much alike in this mammalian custom of attempting to avoid being eaten or killed. Even Leftist zombies have that much instinct left, at least.

In human hierarchies, there are certain roles to be filled. The Protector or Guardian, aka warrior or soldier, is a well known archetype. They are generally elevated due to their martial mastery, physical prowess, and capability to withstand personal mental and physical anguish. The titles, wealth, and position is the mantle they wear to battle, not what makes them the Guardian or the Warrior.

The Politician handles diplomacy with foreigners as well as unified public policy and strategy. They often worked hand in hand with the Guardian. The Politician handles the crazy unrest of various families, clans, and tribes in the group. The Guardian is thus left free to concentrate all firepower on real enemies. The Guardian also serves as a military stick or threat to the enemies of the Politician, presenting them an alternative view of what happens when they don’t go along to get along.

The Priest takes care of people’s superstitions, guilt, or unspoken worries. Actions in human hierarchies tend to produce psychosis or instability, if those actions are somehow anti survival for the group. Even hoarding something as simple as food in times of famine, while allowing the children of your fellows to starve, will produce guilt, and thus anger, fear, rage at everyone and anyone. In an unstable food situation, uncontrollable emotions will merely create more friction. The Priest has served the archetype role of enforcer of public conscience, honesty, and virtue. For those that that know not the righteous road, they shall be led to it, and if needed, beaten on the head until they get to it.

The Wolf, as is popularly known in various tales modern or ancient, is the Other, the feral force that consumes individuals or lone separated members of the herd/pack. It is the natural enemy or predator of the sheep, or even of the shepherd and the sheepdog defenders. The defense is in depth, with an outer ring of individuals (American frontiersmen) doing the individual scouting and sniping, overlayed with sheepdogs that perform monitoring of the sheep (the police), as well as the personal attendants of the shepherd that anticipate the shepherd’s orders (community leaders).

Has anyone ever wondered what happens when the Wolf sheds its skin and takes on the mantle of, not the Sheep, but the Shepherd? What happens when all your Guardians, Politicians, and Priests are merely the Wolves in disguise?

Isn’t that an interesting hypothetical scenario for human hierarchical necessities.

And also expositions and explanations tend to take up a lot of space.

I too think there are variances in individual behavior. For example, obedience does not necessarily mean complying with orders. It may mean utilizing a state of denial to get along in life, claiming that “they didn’t know what was really going on, they were just obeying orders”. It may mean projecting their own problems unto others, such as saying X enemy of the state is greedy and a problem, instead of dealing with one’s own personal greed and problems. The State merely legitimatizes this in the form of obedience to the Cause, everything in the State none against the State, nothing outside the State either. It is a form of peer support.

There is also displacement, where in order to defend themselves and their family from threats, they have to go after the low hanging fruit. In this case, the low hanging fruit are the minorities or specially labeled non-humans. While they may have fought the Regime and achieved better results, that’s too risky. IT’s easier to obey and shatter the sub-humans first. As a form of displacement it works. As a way to survive, it may work too. But as a way to solve human problems and get rid of evil… it doesn’t work.

While people and families may have different motivations for obedience, ultimately they abdicate their free will and individual judgment in favor of what their peers judge to be correct, what the intellectuals says is right is right, and what the State deems human and good. That is the obedience at work, fundamentally speaking. AN obedience to the judgment of society and the numbers of human mass peers.

So in retrospect, the American experiment was crazy. It was somehow supposed to give birth to a nation of people that rule themselves? That’s like chaos and crazyness to the Europeans of the time, ruled by ancient centuries of aristocratic privilege and hierarchy. It only worked because most Americans already ruled themselves. They did not abdicate their judgment to some foreigner or some guy sitting in a chair at New York.

Human nature makes certain societies more preferable for certain types of humans. For a bunch of individual humans that hated authority, American self government was just the thing to stop people from having an argument and killing each other. (Even the Code Duello didn’t prevent all deaths, as witnessed in Andrew Jackson’s life and the life of some the Founding Fathers) But for a bunch of people that prefer obedience to freedom, that prefer trusting in the judgment of their peers to the judgment of their soul, a monarchy or an oligarchy would be a better fit.

Evil or the Leftist Regime, just thinks humanity works better under a certain system. And to make that system work, they need to make more slaves. Which is natural considering the goal. If you want a government for the people, by the people, you need independent individuals, warriors, and people who cannot be Made to Obey. Thus a Slave Empire cannot be created with those people Floating Around.

The above was my initial response to the Ladder of Evil post part 1. Cut down to save some space.

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