Human Farming or what I call Slavery 3.0

The funny thing is I didn’t see this video until recently, so for the last 5 years I have been researching similar things and coming to similar conclusions, completely independent of that author’s pov.

Ever hear of Planned Profit aka Planned Parenthood? They farm humans directly by breeding them with sex and then harvesting the organs of the live births and abortions. Isn’t that just great, they don’t have to educate or pamper the live lings. That’s where my research ultimately ended up, the Leftist alliance HQed in America or specifically the United States in North America.

This handbook is kind of funny.

Stephen M is a kind of libertarian, but without the political orthodox or the obedience to political movements and masters. An individual more than a political operative or anarchist or communist. A lot of libertarians are just obedient dogs of a system corrupted by the Left.

As for true freedom, that is an interesting question. I think the only true freedom humans ever experienced came from self rule, obedience to God, and the internet. That needs to be explained, but I think the internet is the easiest to understand. No ability to inflict physical violence, no taxes, economy is reliant on voluntary or semi voluntary sources of funding.

I write this in the shadow of the Invasion of Europe by the Islamic hordes. It’s like someone in Europe read these as an actual manual, it seems.

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One Comment on “Human Farming or what I call Slavery 3.0”

  1. G6loq Says:

    Godfrey Bloom: The State is an Institution of Theft

    Found at:

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