The Police will protect you

From having to live much longer under American freedom, that is.

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2 Comments on “The Police will protect you”

  1. G6loq Says:

    Illinois Can’t Pay Lottery Winners:

    Nothing is funded. The moron ‘ociffer’ in the video dimly knows. Doesn’t not what to do, acts up.
    Currently on leave with pay.
    Rohnert Park is a small town. Too small to forget.

  2. G6loq Says:

    Illinois, the silence:

    Quite a portent of things to come.
    Ill. pensions checks still being issued I bet.
    Occifer Rodriguez is obviously nervous. Sonoma County is in deep financial doo doo. If it weren’t for the influx of retirees …. from elsewhere. Soon to get bogus checks themselves ….

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