Propaganda changes when the hate of the people sharpens a weapon

Here’s what someone at that blog wrote in 2009.

During that time or era, people didn’t hate the Leftist alliance or Democrats. Not really, it was just politics, right. It wasn’t real hate. More like chocolate over vanilla at the mall.

Baklava Says:
July 3rd, 2009 at 3:12 pm

Democrats are idiots. America suffers.

Democrats don’t know squat.

Friends don’t let friends vote Democrat.

Democrats aren’t interested in prosperity. Vote Republican.

Democrats Bankrupt

Democrats – Subsidizing personal irresponsibility

Democrats mean a weaker nation

Democrats bad. Strong nation good.

Democrats. Illogical.

Democrats are for fascism, socialism, anything big governmentism

Democrats Lie People Die

Now… heh, now it is different.

Democrats are so general, so stale or sterile. Could be anyone walking down the street, like your babysitter or something. Very different from Planned Profit selling humans for profit, isn’t it.

It transcends politics. Propaganda forces people to transcend politics, by making them agree, whether they like it or not. So how do you setup a line about abortion so that people will always reject abortion? Just tell the truth about the Left’s evil. Is that so hard?

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