Firearms self defense myths

A lot of those in the list reminds me of martial arts or H2H training arguments. The primary reason why people think something can’t be done, that’s high level, is because:

1. They’re incompetent, they’ve never done it, so they think nobody else on the human plane of existence is better.

2. The experts that taught them were incompetent, see 1.

The training methodology to squeeze out high dexterity and accuracy in situations where the heart wants to beat at more than 180 per minute, is already known to mankind. The thing is, a lot of people don’t do it, they don’t obey the training guidelines, or they just plain refuse to believe it. Then later on, they take the “evidence” of 99% of the race “failing to do this” as the proof that it can never be done. Crabs in a bucket.

In a normal feudal society, the representation of the best would be determined in tournaments or life and death duels (Miyamoto Musashi). Our modern world, however, is too soft for that. So we argue and debate and try to out capitalize the competition. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t. Firearms at least have easy data to access and loads of practitioners, citizen or criminal, to source off of. H2H, however, is much more difficult to parse out. We’re not Hong Kong in the 1960s, with everyone fighting on the roof tops to test things. We’re certainly not at the Miyamoto Musashi level of muga shugyos (training pilgrimages).

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