Mentality of killers and psychopaths

Here’s something new, which most people won’t understand.

A higher level warrior in society was often someone who could flip the “switch”. Meaning, they weren’t pro social psychopaths or sociopaths. They didn’t have insufficiently developed emotional imagination and empathy. When they were normal, they were normal socially conditioned members of their society. But when a threat faces them, they can switch off their emotions, killing their emotions, and go to town on the enemy.

People who are abnormal, are the ones that flip the switch and then can’t turn it back off again. Then they are in trouble.

This is triggered via a state consciousness shift, similar to snipers or killers that don’t need an emotion to justify their killing. The machine mind. The Zone.

This is why martial artists and other socially conditioned denizens like citizen soldiers, aren’t the most dangerous. They may get to that point after some experience, but the most dangerous are the weapons in human form. The ones that turn off their social morality matrix, their conscience, or their empathy, in order to defend X by destroying Y.

A fundamental difference is that a normal person that flips off the switch, can feel guilt. The abnormal person or the dysfunctional person, doesn’t feel guilt. He doesn’t even know that he did anything wrong, since the brain processes used to imagine it are turned off 100% all the time. He’d have to consciously think about it to figure it out.

From one perspective, a warrior doesn’t need emotions other than as motivation. A warrior doesn’t need hearing. A warrior doesn’t need to see color. All of that is wasteful brain processes that take up time, bandwidth, and oxygen. Eliminate them, shut them all down, and divert all power to the physical senses, reaction speed, and balance mechanisms, to unleash a human body’s full 100% power, rather than the 90% most people are capped at.

Compared to a human maximizing their animal and lizard survival instincts, creating a monopoly of control and precision, training and human abstract knowledge is not in and of itself enough to best it. Combining life and death battlefield experiences with mental and physical maturation, education, abstract knowledge, creates an ideal warrior philosopher, such as Socrates or Miyamoto Musashi or Sun Tzu.

The psychopath that cannot learn to put themselves in the shoes of their prey, will not be as effective as the full human who can use empathy to predict and manipulate their prey. However, learning to empathize with targets you kill, generates inordinate mental stress and attacks against the conscience, guilt, when the attacker lacks proper justifications for their actions. Justifying it based on “I was only following orders” is not enough. is the context for this topic.

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