Previously on Leftist lies

Way back in September of 2007, where people were in a very unique position to judge American history, we had this Leftist commenter grace the halls of one particular blog writer.

What is fascinating about the Hunt Oil story and pending exploration agreement is that the Kurdish region is stable and makes continued economic development possible. The Kurdish region is also where not a single American soldier has died–I believe this is correct–and only about 50 Americans are needed. As I recall, less than 100 Americans were sufficient to secure the area in the battle for Iraq. The Kurds even has regular tourist flights from Europe. All this has been the case since the establishment of the original no fly zones. And no war was needed to secure the Kurdish areas. So, the Kurds are safe without a shot fired or American killed. They are a functioning and structured society now, just as they were before the war and just as they will remain once we withdraw. Looks like Mr. Biden’s notions about Iraq stability are correct. – A Donald fascist of the Left

My response:

Except for the fact that the Kurds view Bush’s family as their saviors. Which you will conveniently leave out because the Kurds are just props for your propaganda. You have to have them to shield your policies and convince people that what comes afterwards won’t be your fault.

We could explain why the Kurds are special, but that won’t do anything because in your mind, Donald, what is special is Bush’s failure, not the Kurd’s success.

They were already creating their guilt blocks and selling their souls off for salvation, way back in 2007. By policies, I meant all the traitors, Democrats, and saboteurs who wanted Iraq to be destroyed or the US to be defeated there. By “what comes afterwards”, that was based on my belief that the Democrats would crush Iraq once they got rid of Bush. Given that ISIS is marching through and through, helped along with funding and training from Hussein and the State Department, that’s pretty accurate a prediction, even if I do say so myself. What came afterwards, what ISIS and AQ did in Iraq is definitely the fault of Leftists.

They should be hated and dealt with, on that basis alone. Of course there are plenty of other reasons. For those that taunted American patriots in 2005 about not sending their children to the war in Iraq, how about you guys here in America realizing that none of you will be spared in CW II? There’s a war you can participate in, including your entire family.

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