Without Iraq and Afghanistan to kill terrorists the US will see mass casualties


Bush II’s plan, intentional or not, was working quite well given that the kill ratio was about 10 to 1 in Iraq.

What was the kill ratio in favor of jihadists at the Marathon Boston place again? Mumbai?

When the terrorists shoot civilians in places like France’s anti Muslim atheist publications, they tend to do pretty well. When terrorists fight US military at war, when the leader is not a traitorous Hussein, things don’t go so well for the terrorists.

So the reason ISIL and AQ 3.0 has so much manpower to spare is because Iraq and Afghanistan is no longer operating as they did under Bush II. Which is perhaps, the intent of the current rulers of the US. Somebody has to get the foreigners to come invade to setup the pretext for emergency rule, right. When the terrorists can kill 100 Americans with only a few jihadist sacrifices, that’s a good attrition rate for them.

J’s response, anonymous for now, to this.

Y, I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with some of your points. I understand the idea that they are mostly killing each other and yes a lot were being killed during the war. But we never went far enough to actually win. But did that make the world safer?

By destabilizing the area with no coherent plan, or rather a pipe dream of democracy as we know it, we have embolden many who would not have chosen the Jihad path. Many will have no choice. They see themselves as winners despite losing so many people.

That said I always encourage taking the facts and making decisions based on what we know, as best we can.

So that’s the other side of the argument right, that we didn’t go far enough. Which is valid, but how far a country does in war isn’t up to the Dictator or President. They are term limited precisely because it’s up to the country to fight and die for their principles and ideals. It’s not up to the Warrior King, cause we don’t have Warrior Kings. So if the country or the next successor abandons the fight, do people think electing a Hero King will save them and the country? That’s not how America was founded, given Washington gave up power. I don’t think we can count on people like that or MacArthur to save America. America has to save America.

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