Activists interviewing Californians on gay and homo marriage

I wouldn’t call this edifying. I would call this a grand example of mind control, a WMDeception.;v=5;m=3;l=401071;c=776283;b=3368032;dct=http%3A//

But for the record, it is a good progression of mind control techniques. On to my reply for it.

What the activist is doing is called conditioning the subject via a verbal conversation, thus developing a personal relationship in order to exert a personal influence.

It’s much akin to what any charismatic leader can do to their subordinates, merely by being present.

Mind control is where a person changes his mind, and he thinks he did it himself. In reality, some other puppet master was pulling his string son that matter.

While it is relatively easy for a person to become a puppet if they fall for certain influences, it is much more difficult for a patriot to attempt to take away the puppet strings of someone who is already a puppet.

You have to be better than the original puppetmaster. Are you?

Being influenced by other people, even strangers who talk to you, is something I’ve seen and done. But propagandists and those who resist the lure of authority, cannot become the subjects of their own experiments or power. If they are, they’re incompetent. They cannot become better than other puppet masters by being incompetent.

It is extremely rare to find a person who cannot be influenced by external factors.

When the Homos used burning churches and terror tactics against Prop 8 in California, that didn’t achieve desired results, other than the destruction of enemies of the state. So they did a more subtle trick, which is called mind control or aka Deception. They claimed that homo marriage would not coerce or affect the majority of Normals, that in fact the Majority of Normals are crushing the minority of homos.

As we can see, that was a mere fabrication, a deception. You’ll have the same rights as other Americans. You just won’t have a family, a life, children, or a business. You’ll be in a camp, same as other Americans.

Link Courtesy of Neo Neocon

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