Seeing the future is not always a gift and often is a curse

My comments from the Way Back Machine concerning the Iraq war and various issues is there.

It makes sense that after Hussein’s being crowned US Emperor, that I could say little about Iraq’s future there. Because all I could see was Iraq’s destruction, and the destruction of what everyone else had achieved. The traitors had won, and some of them didn’t even know it.

The comments at that thread was made before Hussein’s coronation as Supreme Leader. When the useful idiots of the Left still had the mask and pretension¬†of talking about law and order, miranda rights, and various other bullsh smoke they threw our way. Even then, you could still see the hints I dropped concerning my real feelings about the Leftist alliance and all who worked for their cause, knowingly or unknowingly (following orders, I didn’t know what was in the camps). Both are equally guilty.

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