Norwegian and Swedish culture in the Longest Journey

However, not every experience with the community has been a cheerful one. Earlier in the year Red Thread Games made a wonderful gesture towards the Euro Pride events happening at the time, releasing a picture of Zoë wearing a t-shirt supporting it. Unfortunately the move created a rather strange backlash towards the time, and I brought up how, along with the team at RTG, the responses caught me off guard. “That made me so sad,” Ragnar began. “Like, on Facebook to see people saying ‘oh, you shouldn’t take a stand on this, it’s a controversial issue,’ and I’m like ‘It’s controversial? To say that you’re in support of the rights of gay people? I’m sorry – how is that controversial?’ It really pissed me off, especially as companies such as Disney & Apple are all out in support of gay rights. It’s a normal thing to do, and to see that there are people that had played Dreamfall & The Longest Journey, and who still thought that way – did… did you actually play those games?!” I mentioned that, considering how two important characters to heroine April Ryan in The Longest Journey are in a homosexual relationship – a fact brought up within the first hour of the game –  for fans to make an issue out of a kind real-world gesture was truly baffling. Ragnar agreed by reiterating his original point – “Yeah, that made me so, so sad.”

Ragnar Tornquist has produced some very good art in games, however, as you can see there is a flaw in his world perception.

Ragnar misinterprets the resistance as being one of anti liberty or anti homosexuality. What he doesn’t realize is that the totalitarian dystopian viewpoint is becoming reality in the US and other countries, where there is no freedom of conscience or thought, so long as the Gaystapo are around to punish erroneous concepts. Even tech CEOs from Firefox’s development and reality tv show Duck Dynasty and even rocket type scientists have been sanctioned and punished for irregular thoughts and speech. Far from being free, homosexuals are merely enslaved to a different mafia group, one not based upon religion but based upon a different ideolog: one totalitarian in scope and allied with the Islamic Jihad even, there’s tolerance for you.

Bakers, Christians, and other people in a business related to marriage, are being forced to act against their conscience, or else the State will destroy them and their lives. That is a far greater reality than Stark ever was in his world. But global strategy and war is not the specialty of people who make art in entertainment, is it.

On another note, Sweden and Ukraine both raided a server farm/setup, confiscating the data before any guilt was determined. Sweden did so recently while Ukraine’s incident was several years past. It’s like the police in the US confiscating funding and assets, then taking a long time with the trial on purpose. It’s like the process is the punishment, because the guilty verdict is hard to acquire. People will find a way, even if the system has limits. Whether this has any connection with Hussein Obola’s Regime in the US, may be easy to tell in the future. What makes this something of interest for me to track is that the state isn’t using their stolen power and resources to crush the actual internal and external threats. Sweden and Norway are under rape invasions by Islamic Jihad, jihadists brought over intentionally by their government to re colonize uppity natives that believe in “freedom” and “rights”. It won’t be long now before Sweden and Norway will have their people executed in the streets, like France and Africa has already seen, for supporting “homosexual activities”. It will be interesting to see who falls into a civil war first, Europe or America. Or perhaps the Japanese will get into a fight with Korea or China next.

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