France getting punished for criticism of religion

In reply to Grim’s post about people knowing the consequences of criticizing the false prophet of Islam.

The counterargument — that we’re putting blame on the women who get raped, when 100% of the blame belongs to the rapist — is flawed because it is based on a kind of equivocation. Of course 100% of the moral blame for the crime belongs to the criminal; but banks still carry insurance, because it is wise.

The counter misses the point. The point the Left is making is that these blacks and women belong to the Left. You don’t get to decide for these slaves what they should or shouldn’t do about crime, only the Left gets to decide. Those women are not responsible or to blame for it, any more than they were when the KKK accused blacks of raping white women. That’s because it’s a matter of chain of command and ownership, and if you attempt to place responsibility or blame on women, you are elevating women to an independence that is illegal against Leftist authority or anyone who actually owns those women.

There is no counter argument against that, because people are too blind and lazy to realize that this is actually the core of the argument being made originally.

Blacks don’t think they are responsible for black on black crime. Why? Cause slaves aren’t responsible for such things, only the masters and the owners are responsible. Society is responsible for it. Because society owns those blacks, and the blacks realize this, even if they refuse to say it explicitly.

Do we sue a dog or punish it, when it breaks a public order and cleanness law or do we punish the owner? It would be crazy for society to kill every pet merely because the pet violated some ordinance or property laws. The owner is responsible for the pet’s behavior, and if the owner is not punished, then there’s little point in punishing the pet. The pet doesn’t understand these things.

Which is why it’s not such bad advice, though it is always regarded as offensive by some, to suggest to women that they should take some means to ensure their safety if they go out drinking, especially at night or in areas that have high rates of crime.

Of course it is offensive. If anyone wanted to whip your dog, Grim, for it trespassing on their territory instead of dealing with you directly, you would be offended as well, most likely.

People underestimate the Left and think they are arguing based on some common shared Western sense or morality. They do not know what it is they are facing here.

The rape topic is connected to the Islamic Jihad due mostly to how the Left responds to criticism of victims and what not. It really depends on what they label as victims, since who gets protection is dependent upon their place in the Leftist hierarchy.

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