Brainwashing isn’t only for interrogations

This is often why people said going to shrinks was going to make you crazier.

And it’s also probably why regressive hypnotic therapy (brainwashing and indoctrination) became very popular and profitable.

This is why I said years ago, that torture, the true art of torture, can make people believe that they are on our side and should disclose all the details of their terrorist cell operations. Because they will honestly believe, that they were on our side, and not theirs. It only requires sufficient pressure to shatter a person’s mind and reform it. Merely that. Breaking the body is only making the mold easier to form, the mind is what we are truly searching for, because the mind thinks it knows the truth. Having problems getting people to tell you the truth? Either the interrogator used his authority to demand something other than the truth, or more processing is needed.

And the media is responsible for most of the crime in America. (This was written before the race riots of 2014 or Civil War II)

All of these techniques, the Left knew about and knew how effective they are. They are using them even now in universities against American kids. And they knew the effect of Authority in interrogation when they claimed GitMo was about using torture to get false confessions. They know very well what false confessions are, they are the experts on such after all.

This is the Left. In the Middle East, they are ruled by similar folk and have been so for generations. What people think are the “causes” of such violence, like poverty or land… they have no damn clue. And never will. To know the art of indoctrination requires a brain, after all. The Palestinian death cult is not concerned with poverty or injustice. That’s not what cults are for.

Remember the Renos during Clinton, how they went after David Koresh at WACO? This following a long line of the prosecution making a name for themselves by prosecuting parents for, get this, satanic cult rituals and child abuse. All from testimony obtained through torturing and isolating the children in Reno’s concentration camps. This is the Left. Never forget.

This is what they are. This is what they always have been. The weak minded, the dependent, the drug addicted, the kiddies lacking a spine, all are meat and grist for the Mill of Indoctrination. They will Believe what they are Told to Believe. And there, they will end, as puppets forevermore.

Such is the power of the Leftist alliance that they can create a Slave Empire where the slaves honestly and falsely believe they are free. How do you think they do it? That is not covered in public education and for good reason. Only specialists and crazy people have ever touched upon the forbidden knowledge.

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