Crystal Ball Prophecies

This is a tongue in cheek topic, since people who predict the future are often seen with crystal balls. But are also known as con artists, psychological interrogators using Cold Reading (body language tells), or something of a stage magician.

This time we’re going back to January 2014, to look at the kind of stuff I was thinking and writing. These aren’t specific predictions of mine, but they should make people ask the question why they weren’t thinking similar thoughts. And how these thoughts of mine inevitably lead to the events of now or at least to a better acceptance of such events as true.

While Book’s predictions for Afghanistan will probably become true because of Hussein and the US Regime, I wrote a comment about something slightly different there.

“deaths that are a waste because the Commander-in-Chief couldn’t care less about victory or the troops, but merely wants to give the appearance of fighting for short-term domestic political advantage.”

Lyndon Johnson did that too. I don’t think he intentionally did it, but his decisions felt a lot like it. Maybe his advisers were to blame, the “smartest people” in the room from Yale and Harvard no less. Of course we know what the Left did to those zombie brains after they were done, don’t we.

“Like some spoiled potentate, he moves them around for his pleasure and views their deaths with clinical dispassion.”

Coincidentally, once a person has such beliefs, they become more resistant to Obeying the Left. Obeying Obama as well. Which is why the Left has brainwashed a lot of people into being zombies and therefore incapable of even Thinking Such Thoughts. Like a lobotomy. INcapable.

And it gives just a small glimmer of what the Left’s true power is on the world stage and in American history. For the Left has plenty of dictators and tyrants 1000 times worse than Hussein. Hussein O ain’t even a Caligula or a Nero by Roman standards.- Comment

Let’s also not forget how the Kennedy admin got Diem assassinated. Talk about US making puppet governments. That’s a Democrat thing, usually.

When I am weak, I ask you for mercy, because that is your principle. When you are weak and I am strong, I am merciless, for that is my principle.- Common Leftist thinking

The Left has made great strategic use of such ploys. In Iraq 2005, it was “listen to the damn (Democrat) generals or else”. Now it’s…. “generals… what the F are generals? This is a civilian run security force by Hussein O, you military industrial complex freaks”.-Comment


Wars are a way for the Leftist regime to send politically unreliables and those that believe in freedom too much, to their untimely deaths. That is why they push so often for “large numbers of troops” or “high attrition values” that come from restricted ROEs. They know who they are getting killed and they Like it.

Even after the war, the Leftist psychologists and Democrat mental health specialists went out of their way to program returning Vietnam veterans with PTSD, inducing guilt, calling them monsters, and breaking down their coping mechanism vis a vis the rational for the war and killing.

They will do the same thing with Iraq. In fact they were already making scary waves about crazy Iraq war veterans.

This has been a systematic campaign for decades now. I doubt their zombies will have replaced their instruction set. Once a Leftist zombie has been made and conditioned, they often carry out their instructions without need for further input. Thus the Left is still going on about Vietnam veteran baby killers and Bush baby eaters.-Comment

Notice the bolded line. In Iraq, whenever the Left talked about how Bush and other patriots should send their sons and daughters to the war, the conclusion I reached in around 2006-07 was that the Left intended there to be military disasters, that they had already engineered military disasters in Iraq as best as they could with their power, to increase casualties and break the Iraq stalemate in the Islamic Jihad’s (a Leftist ally) favor.

Fallujah was attacked during January or and fell a few months later during a siege. So connecting the dots wasn’t so hard. Since the logickal next step for the Leftist alliance is to get even more of their enemies killed. Just like Vietnam, where the Left won over American patriots and Vietnamese Republican citizens.

This breaks the whole “political compromise” framework of thinking. This allows dots to be connected and in the right order. This makes the situation in Iraq, very clear and very predictable later on. If the Left was originally invested in killing Americans in Iraq, just like in Vietnam, and they did this with the help of the Democrats and the Islamic Jihad, then everything else will make a lot more sense in future years from then on.

Spliced from that post I made in January, was this line.

There’s a certain domestic sentiment in Europe and Japan, that says since America is paying for security we might as well rely on them to be the world’s police as they pay in gold and blood for our safety. But that means if America wants something, it’s hard to deny America what the hyperpower demands. That may be tolerable if people’s interests are in common, but what if Hussein demands that a nation disarm and allow itself to be invaded and burned to ash so that Hussein can sit and watch it on tv with Michelle for joys and giggles? Are people going to resist American power after decades of relying on American security guarantees and promises? Of course not; it certainly won’t be easy even if they try.

What if? What if Hussein started that line of trickery in the US with the Mexican border?

The trick with making accurate predictions is to be vague, but also on target. So long as you have the core strategy down correct in your opponent’s motivations or habits, you can’t go wrong, even if your specific prediction is off.

Hussein is certainly sitting around and watching the tv as the US Southern border burns. So I ask the border states, how does it feel to be treated like America treats smaller, foreign countries under their Protectorate? Btw, anyone figure out why I use the term Hussein instead of the O name? It’s an interesting story I might tell later.

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