The Leftist alliance cracking down on domestic problems

This is what happens when you don’t listen to crazy people like me.

You become the crazy person the Left puts a boot to the back of the head on.

This is called connecting the dots, at least if you did it before 2008 or 2012. The difference between the various crazy stuff people say about the Leftist alliance and the various crazy stuff people said about Bush:

1. The stuff they said about Bush, if true, would have meant the Democrats would end up disappeared with their heads on pikes. None happened and we looked hard.

2. The stuff they said about Hussein and the Leftist alliance’s evil, if true, would have meant certain things would have been apparent in other data locations. Like…. this

EDIT: Since Daily Mail and Telegraph in the UK seem to have some solid resources to parallax and triangulate off of (better than all Leftist US media put together I would say), here’s their link.

Another thing that came to mind is that whenever the Leftist alliance creates a Fast and Furious type event, they use it as an excuse for why law abiding patriots should Obey Authority and do as they are told, whether that is Constitutional or not. So Democrats and their demon spawn shoots up some people? Patriots must give up guns now, or else. The Left’s problems are thus the justification and pretext for them taking power and forcing obedience. Ft. Hood, a result of the US Regime’s “success” with military affairs, is thus a reason to force all patriots under DHS and FBI and IRS and ATF attention. Sounds more and more like engineered catastrophe and less like coincidences or PR going on.

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2 Comments on “The Leftist alliance cracking down on domestic problems”

  1. “I am here to sever heads” is deliberately provocative, and hearers or readers have every right to look into it and see if the person is using the phrase as a metaphor – a crap excuse I hear all the time from violent criminals – or if they mean it. I had a son in the Corps and I like the Marines, but the statement is completely irresponsible.

    I am not familiar with mental health law in VA, but I know it in half-a-dozen other states, and I suspect your characterisation of what the courts did is reading too much into it. Everyone who gets locked up involuntarily gets some sort of hearing within a few days to see if procedures were performed correctly according to statute. Those can get turned down for any number of technical reasons, or because a sufficient threshold was not reached. A witness may not have shown up. The sequence of when he was evaluated and when he had his rights read might have gotten screwed up.

    Whiners, the deceitful, and the non-insightful like to say “The judge said there was no reason for it,” or “the judge said I was fine,” or whatever. Court rulings are necessarily more narrow than that.

  2. ymarsakar Says:

    When Santa Rog killer posted youtube videos, with a history of violence on the strip, the Hollywood bigshots were able to call in a community service of 3-5 officers to check up on the kid. They then went their way.

    Hollywood aristocrats afforded care and clean intervention, if not overly effective.

    Everybody else, is everybody else.

    What the judge says, doesn’t matter. What the VA says, also doesn’t matter.

    Attorney Rutherford details how a Janet Napolitano era DHS program, “Operation Vigilant Eagle” equates many returning veterans as being anti-government threats, with a directive to DHS to watch them. If they are determined to be “too radical,” the vets can be committed to a mental institution under this program.

    From reading the memo, the attorney remarks, “anybody would be an extremist if you disagree with the Obama administration,” and included himself.

    One of the links in the chain.

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