Hussein’s destruction of the Iraqi Dream

In commemoration of this moment, which has long been coming, a dirge is appropriate.

“To be honest I do not think whether they live or die is the matter at hand. Life is not always better than death. It is not that simple. Living and being made to live are very different things. What matters is what the person chooses of their own free will: whether or not it can be achieved nor how difficult it is.

I want you to consider this: imagine if what matters most to you was taken away against your will. If that is indeed worth less than your life”-Mitsurugi, Meiya

True freedom is the ability to choose, but many people live as slaves in the human slave economy, propped up by the Islamic Jihad and the profiting Leftist alliance. So long as those two axis of evil exist, human freedom for Americans and Iraqis will be forever a dream.

The cost of atonement, redemption, and the transformation of the world is in Blood and can only ever be in Blood. Blood, the life stream itself of humanity.

Death to all tyrants, without regard for borders.

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