The Diverse Army of the United States of America

There’s diversity working. Also pro woman sexual prevention policies as applied there.

Several years back, I heard that rape prevention consisted of power point slides per week, they were not allowed to train women in H2H or CQB draws.

I guess that’s because they needed to make more controllable sex products.

Also we have the diversity (of evil) of Hollywood here.

These are the bastos telling us the Catholic Church is guilty because of homosexual priests the Leftist alliance infiltrated in several decades ago. Their homosexual resources are… pretty vast and without Catholic children to target, they have to get another source.

Sourced from

Who, in other news, is considering quitting because the stupidity and evil of humanity is getting to her. Well, that’s just how it is, reflect back on the previous Japanese poem.

That would be Hollywood, FLorida if I recall correctly. So California has Santa Rog killers, the “Asian gentleman”. We got Reid over in Nevada cooking up cows for his casino water needs. We got the Ivy League Regime over on the East Coast of the US doing their thing. This country is under assault by the enemies of humanity. They are all Demoncrats, rule for and by demons, or children of Demoncrats. They all get special protections, like homosexuals, so that puts them in the same alliance. At this point, it’s not even necessary to connect the dots for people. The hate of the people will do it all on their own, in time.

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