Chiron Training: Change yourself

My response to a Chiron post.

I think in a similar fashion.

You are given two choices in life when faced against challenges.

1. Change yourself.

2. Change the world.

Changing the world generally means using authority to make people obey, since if you can enslave people, that’s also changing the world.

But number 1 is for people who think their greatest opponent is themselves. As crazy as this is to think or say, it’s like this: “The only person that can beat me, is me”.

Generally by changing yourself, you often can improve yourself to the point that it has an effect on others and the world. But seeking to change the world first means distorting the world while still being weak and full of vice. That world becomes merely a reflection of one’s own human flaws. Thus the choice of which to do, is rather important to prioritize.

What comes first is vitally important, even if the destination ends up at the same place. Journey over destination. Life over death. Those that think if the destination is the same, the methods/road don’t matter, are more focused on changing the world than changing themselves.

It is a bit strange that I find myself thinking along very similar lines to Rory Miller. I’ve read his book, Meditations on Violence, and there’s a whole load of things I’ve noticed where we think the same things even though we’ve observed and experienced different events. This isn’t a copy method, since I was not aware of him and he wasn’t aware of me, before we formed our final conclusions.

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