Autobiographical manifesto review of mass murderer Santa Barbara

It’s a good narration and the author is someone I’ve checked on to verify the strength of his rationality.

This is a second view of the same incident.

Rod boy there, our grand villain of the week, is a weakling. There have been plenty of people under more strain than he is, but he and other people seem to think he was in pain. Compared to his targets or to other humans, who have exceeded their limits for higher callings, Rod’s life was average.

Instead of taking the leadership role and the role of the senior, over his sister and his brother, he allowed his own weakness and his family’s Hollywood moral weaknesses, to do him in. As a result, he self destructed and he is no longer a problem, for anyone. With the internet, anyone with savant level or genius level abilities, as he thought he had, should have been able to figure this out in 10 or so years. All he did was play World of Warcraft, snickers.

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