The Left’s War on Humanity: The Women Front

My assessment made there, is this:

While people here (Neo Neocon’s place) should already know this, I’ll repeat the very obvious.

The Democrats scare women with their War on Women rhetoric, by picking on the fear of being raped and helpless. They convince women that if REpublicans win, Democrats will not be able to protect women from rape or unwanted pregnacies. That’s the leverage, the fear, that keeps the slaves in line. Because it isn’t enough to vote one’s conscience, one must vote against the Republicans in that scenario. One can’t merely take a pass and live one’s life under that kind of fear.

In order to reinforce the fear of the punishment, Democrats help blacks and other criminals disarm the population, rape more women, and cause rape on campus to skyrocket due to drinking. With this, they can truly leverage women’s fear, because once a woman has been raped by one of the Left’s operations, that woman will have even more reason to stick to the Democrats that promise protection. Hence Stockholme S achieved. The chain that is invisible is set.

If a person meets a Democrat or a Leftist, and is not sickened to the core of their soul, about to throw up or attack the evil, they don’t truly understand what the Left is and they don’t truly feel hate in their hearts. True hate is not merely choosing chocolate over vanilla. True hate is being sickened by all ice cream merely because one hates the color and sight of vanilla. Those that think they have great emotional control because they can be bipartisan with Democrats, that they can talk to their Democrat friends, while they “hate” the politics: that it is a great act of self control. It’s a limited act of self control, because the emotion they are controlling is very mild.

While kidnappers and torturers control one person and manipulate one person’s mind, the Left manipulates hundreds of millions. Whether there’s any moral difference or ethical difference, I can’t say, other than that the Left is worse.

P.S. Another front, the science fiction writers of America, produced this bit of theater/evidence.

Notice how Scalzi wrote that just before an election, directed against a certain demographic, with “trigger” warnings.

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