Vietnam History Necro

Necromancer resurrection of the dead topics.

The comments were particularly interesting. Diem in Vietnam, Iraq 03, Afghanistan, it all ties in together with the Leftist alliance’s war on humanity.

Now that there are few to none enemies abroad that the Left can ally with against the US, they have turned their sights on domestic opposition, what Reid calls domestic terrorists and Hussein calls a need for a civilian security force as strong and well funded as the US military.

That won’t be hard after they gut the US military of parts, manpower, and resources.

This video, though, is kind of funny. Well, funny to people who study violence perhaps. But it’s an example of what happens when war isn’t about bombing foreign brown people, when it becomes a war about foreign brown people at home fighting you then it’s different.

Richard Nixon saw how Vietnam was a waste of lives and how the draft was corrupt, so both were ended. But he somehow got the blame for Vietnam, a “Republican war” as the Left likes to think of it.

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