100 WACOs before America wakes up to things like BLM ranch invasion in Nevada

Blast to the Past temporal distortion detected.


I’ve often said that it would take a sequence of 100 WACOs to even begin waking Americans up to the true evil in their midst. Danny L was kind enough to connect the dots between the number of deaths at WACO vis Newton, Connecticut.

The fact that people are so deluded they need a lot more Newtons before they even “begin” realizing the extent of their true problems here at home, is both depressing and encouraging. At least it’s something, at least they are beginning to see. The Left has brought down many more cultures and peoples than we know of, and many of those didn’t even get a chance to “see” anything before the executioner shot them in the back of the head.

Whether America wins the civil war against Leftist evil and corruption, remains to be seen. The fact that we won’t be going out with a bang, and the world will probably see the second use of nuclear devices on civilian populations since Truman did it for America first in WWII, is something people will have to see to believe. But whether they believe or not, will not be up to me. It will be dependent upon the progressive greed and insatiable power madness of the Left. I, can definitely count on that however.

100 WACOs, count continues.

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