Prophecies from the Past

Some people probably thought we were over reacting. I wrote this, for example:

I estimate that even the most well informed political analysts don’t know more than 10% of what the Left’s been doing. The true nature of evil is yet hidden still. Rationality and intelligence isn’t enough to pierce it, only emotions and instinct are strong enough in truth to bypass the barrier of illusion. First listen to your heart and your nerves connected to your spine, before listening to the tv propaganda, the facebook propaganda, or the government propaganda with your logicked brain.

People didn’t know about Fast and Furious. Many didn’t even know the friendly park rangers were camping out cattle ranchers in Nevada with snipers. People didn’t know about Yeeland. People didn’t know about Reid’s corruption deals. People didn’t know about Hussein’s vacation expenses. Well, the list tends to go on for some time.

Those that thought the IRS was connected to Hussein were on the right track. Assume the worst, let them plan out the “hope” for the best and prove otherwise.

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