Science Fiction Writers of America

What America, that’s the question.

But for someone that got kicked out of SFWA, it’s an interesting backstory for the author’s books.

With a subtitle of “Purged by the Science Fiction Writers of America”, I have not heard of this author before. Now I have and while the backstory is insufficient to convince me I would like his books, it is a strong and persuasive argument so far.

Given that I’ve reviewed David Brin and John Scalzi’s beliefs concerning American culture and philosophy, it sets up a neat juxtaposition.

Larry Correia Tom Kratman
Sarah Hoyt Brad Torgersen
John C. Wright Lou Antonelli
Jerry Pournelle Michael Flynn
Kerry Nietz Mike Williamson
Andrew Fox SASS

His listing of outstanding SF writers has an amazing match with my own preferred reading. I recognize six names out of the box.

Since I already did the work of searching that post out, might as well read it. It covers a little of the background behind what Scalzi, purge, SFWA, and Vox have to go together. Background data is great for intel assessments and profiles.

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