A Fire in the Heart: Mozilla, Mormons, homosexual society

In many ways, people refused to believe the Leftist alliance had the will, ruthlessness, and power to do this because the people themselves never truly understood what Hatred felt like. To them, the common masses of America, “hatred” ended up being like the feeling they got when selecting chocolate over vanilla. Those that never felt true hatred, could not comprehend the Left’s motivations. They misunderstood the Leftist alliance and its members, cannonfodder, and priests (theocracy).

Until you truly feel hatred for your fellow American, you cannot understand the position of the Leftist alliance. For when the Left says patriots are to be hated… they mean it, and only those who understand what hatred truly is, can then make a logickal juxtaposition of that stance.

Now that Hussein has made it easier to localize, freeze, and hate a single Democrat politician, who at the same time cannot be distanced from the majority faithful of Americans since Americans voted in Hussein twice, people are beginning to connect the dots, yes? They are beginning to hate evil. And in hating Evil, they truly now begin to understand what the Left means when they say they hate Republicans.

Eich is beginning to feel the boot of the Left on his head. Others are beginning to feel the boot of the Left on their parent’s health care, population control methods, or on their children’s heads. That is merely proceeding as planned and as predicted by the 3% of humanity. The enemies of humanity, the Leftist alliance for human perfection, will never give up.

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