Back in Jagged Alliance 2

Technically, JA Back in Action would be better played as Jagged Alliance 2 (1999) 1.13 community patch/expansion.

I read up to page 155 from some random number google found. But page 1 has the introduction and mod break down. The modders of JA 2 at bear pit are technically proficient but their instructions leave a lot of comprehensive details out. Details which the goons… well, those agents are very detail orientated.

Super Something Awful thread that isn’t archived. A lot of funny and useful stuff there, surprisingly. But I suppose that’s Goons for you. They use their own lingo like “gently caress” which is, as you can figure out, the opposite.

On to the installation instructions.

Current official Update (Bugfix) Version (25 July, 2012) for Full Release Build: 4870

You will want that at the pbworks site, that’s the mod files in data format. No need to rename. The ini launcher automatically super imposes the 1.13 data folder over the vanilla data folder when installed over via copy.

The question of playing Wildfire maps with JA 2 1.13 is a trickier question though. Remember that JA 2’s source code was released, which allowed the creation of 1.13 by the fans and users, which is much more comprehensive than a mere official or fan patch. Wildfire was a commercial expansion released by another set of companies between JA Back in Action and JA 2 Unfinished Business (a small expansion campaign played on a different map from Arulco).

Closest detailed instruction I found that makes sense is reproduced here in quote format.

I found a wonderful way to do it a while ago that’s a hybrid of that method:

Instead of using the AIMNAS files, use the original Wildfire ones here.

The rest was posted by Cream-of-Plenty:

I installed 1.13, then I downloaded Tais’ AIMNAS / WF SCI for the latest version of 1.13 and opened it up. I went into the SCI’s Data-AIM folder and grabbed the following files: maps, NPCData, radarmaps, and tilesets. Drop those into the 1.13 folder of your installed game but don’t let it overwrite these four files: smguns.sti, smp1items.sti, smp2items.sti and smp3items.sti. Then, go into Data-AIM / BinaryData folder and grab the JA2set.dat file. Drop it into the binary data folder in your JA 1.13 folder.

Hopefully that should do the trick. It’s worked fine for me so far!

Using the Wildfire version I linked above instead of the AIMNAS/WF installer, you can follow these exact same steps (you don’t have to work about the .sti files though since those are specific to AIMNAS). This will give you fully functional WF maps without having to install AIMNAS. Cream of Plenty’s method on its own works as well, but it leaves the maps littered with junk “Item not found” items because they’re referencing equipment added by AIMNAS. My method doesn’t have these since the maps are based on the original JA2 content only.-unknown authors

Since it came from SA, I presume it’s legit, although I haven’t personally tested it. For those that don’t want to re-engineer the data folder files, AIMNAS is the patch that will work on top of 1.13, adding more items and wildfire maps and probably npc-quests. Version 21 is the latest one, before they started tinkering around with Big Maps.

That would be a mere add on to be unzipped into JA 2 gold folder on top of the 1.13 release.

Now to put this into perspective, the updated links are not at the forums so I and others had to hunt around for it. It took several hours to figure out what the acronyms meant, how they were related to each other, and where the newest but not the newest unstable unfinished versions were at. This isn’t as easy as the NSA has with Facebook.

There was a SCI, single click installer, of Aimnas 20 I downloaded but I have no idea where the links are now. That’s how many links I have to go through for JA 2 1.13’s two mods. There’s a bunch of other mods listed there at a mega thread, but who knows which ones are updated to what version. I’ll deal with that sometime later, if I’m still interested. Urban Chaos and Legion 2 sound interesting though.

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